Natural-Geographical Analysis and Socio-Economic Characteristics of the Cross-Border Area in the Republic of North Macedonia

Within the project “Identification and monitoring of polluted soils using innovative methodology” (MCSoil), implemented by association “Renewable Energy Sources Cluster” – Lead Partner and association “Ambrozija” – Project Partner, a Country Assessment Report on the situation in the cross-border area in the Republic of North Macedonia was prepared, on the basis of relevant data on the state of geodiversity and geological heritage of the eastern part of the Republic of North Macedonia, pedology, as a basis and scientific basis for further research, as well as analysis of geological and hydrographical data and socio-economic characteristics of the area. The main purpose of the analysis report is to detect appropriate sites for the implementation of innovative methodology for identification and monitoring of contaminated soil through magnetic susceptibility values.

The report is based on the state of geodiversity and geo-heritage of the eastern part of the Republic of North Macedonia and other components of nature (biodiversity and landscape diversity), which are the scientific basis for developing an ecological strategy for nature protection. In order to protect and preserve the ecological framework, one of the sites should be in a polluted area, and another location should be a clean ecological environment. The two specific locations are the territory around the old hydropower plant at the mine Zletovo in Probistip as a polluted area and Ploce Lipotelmi as a natural reserve or protected area.

The presence of heavy metals in soils is a serious environmental problem that directly affects human health and life and can be the result of various factors. As a result of the analysis and given the fact that the old hydropower plant in Probistip has been repeatedly assessed by experts as the second most important environmental threat in the country, this location is appropriate to use as a test site for the development of a new methodological approach.

The report is a foundation from which objects of interest for nature conservation should be identified, some of which should be re-examined in order to establish a definitive picture of the relevant objects and territories of interest in nature conservation in the eastern part of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The full text of the report is available here.