Project Overview

Identification and monitoring of contaminated areas is a crucial activity for environmental protection and sustainable use of land.

MCSoil project will direct the main part of its activities towards four particular areas which are “sensitive’’ for the population: two in the industrial polluted regions and two in the nature protected zones in the CB area.

The added value of the MCSoil project will be the joint development of a new tool which will advance the standard methodologies and procedures utilised by the environmental agencies and local/regional authorities in the participating countries with regard to soil protection.

The project will tackle part of the contemporary challenges regarding soil exploitation by implementing a pilot tool for soil samples collection, processing, analyzing and data representation, which is based on innovative geophysical methods for cost-effective, sensitive and fast evaluation of the environmental quality of soils.

The main advantage of this new methodology is its high sensitivity and possibility for smart adaptation of the method according to the site and the problem. Also, this method is much faster and cheaper than traditionally used chemical analysis.

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