About Center Ambrozija

The Association Center for Medical Herbs and Berries AMBROSIA is active in the field of environmental issues, rural development and enhancing youth activism since 2004.

 The MISSION of the Association is to contribute towards improvement of the quality of life through activities focused on supporting rural development, environmental protection, educating citizens on the proper use of natural resources, promoting youth activism.

 AMBROZIA’s main GOALS are: advocating for the implementation of the sustainable development principles and education for the sustainable use of natural resources, as well as education for the fundamental values of a democratic society; Taking concrete actions to support rural development, promoting traditional values and crafts, promoting eco-tourism as a way of development of the wider region; Also taking care for environmental protection and undertaking initiatives for research and application of alternative and renewable energy sources, through collaboration with similar organizations in Republic of North Macedonia and abroad.

Most of the MEMBERS of center AMROZIJA have long-term experience in implementing projects and activities at local, national and international level, but also among the members of the organization are young people who are interested in contribution for improving their living conditions in the community.

The members of AMBROZIIA actively participate in preparation of strategic documents in the areas of sustainable development, environmental protection and democratic processes at local level and in the wider region. The association is part of the Local Action Group – LAG Malesh-Pijanec.

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